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Chimaira raises from its ashes

@BlueMoon270 / Jan 22, 2018
Hello guys!

I am back - at least in game. And I was sad to find the guild ruined. There were people asking 'what now?' when I came back and this is my response to this and other questions:

a) too much damage is done and I am not interested in vAS HM progression (the main reason why I quited btw). Hence, there will definitly not be any progress raiding until a new trial comes out - and if there will be when the trial comes out is not yet setteled and depends on who wants to come back. To sum it up: let's just say we are not progress orientated anymore - makes things easier for now.

b) I have no information about Xantaria and I don't think that he will come back. However, I know a lot of people were in chimaira only because of him - hence, this information.

c) There are some people who have already expressed interest in coming back and raiding together with a decent quality and for fun. This is the main reason why I re-open the guild - feel free to come back and then we will see if we are enough people to form a future. It will definitly be more social, but the people will make the guild - hence, it is not settled yet in which direction it is going.

If this sounds appealing to you then drop me an in-game message for an invite if you have been in before. New people will have to apply via the website as before.



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