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vHoF open Raid

Date: Apr 14, 2018
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: @BlueMoon270
Category: Raids
vHof open raid

start: 8 pm German time
duration: 3h
Tank (2)

5. Nyamsyto Dragonknight

10. Wanders-In-Flames Dragonknight

Damage (7)

1. Blue Moon Shine Sorcerer

2. Kuraiij Dragonknight

3. Atahaar Templar

6. Xenuki Nightblade

7. Adam Magicka NB Nightblade

11. Lord Sammeh (MagSorc) Sorcerer

12. LordDov Dragonknight

Support (3)

4. Xal Kaoc Templar

8. Walpes Templar

9. Sanamunde Templar



I can also heal and tank worst case.
can tank or dd too, but only if realy noone else can do it
Can also come as stam- or magDD, but have only tanked it on normal :)
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